• Royal Time Group to be a partner of Ukrainian Gaming Congress

    On September 29, 2015, Ukrainian Gaming Congress will be held – a platform that will bring together representatives of the authorities and the gambling industry to discuss the possibility of its revival in Ukraine. Royal Time Group LLC – a gambling development company – is a media partner of the congress.


    The purpose of Ukrainian Gaming Congress is to bring together the representatives of government bodies, gambling zones, investors, owners of betting programs, hotel and tourist industry, foreign casino chains, experts and lawyers to review the prospects for the resumption of work of gambling business in Ukraine and submit proposals and business ideas to the country's leadership.


    The following issues will be discussed at the Congress:


    • What prospects will the gaming market opening provide to Ukraine?
    • Will it finally be opened or is it just a small talk?
    • Will all business segments be allowed?
    • Who will be the main players on the market?
    • What will happen to illegal business in the case of legalization?
    • Who will arrive to play in Ukraine?
    • What are the main competitors of the Ukrainian casinos?
    • Ukrainian players' paying capacity.
    • Licenses and taxes. How much does it cost?


    On July 24, 2015, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine registered a draft law "On State Control and Legal Basis for the Organization of Gambling." This law provides for comprehensive regulation of activities in the field of gambling in accordance with the rules and laws of the majority of European countries.


    Official web-site: http://ukrainegaming.com.ua/

    Sept. 14, 2015